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Medical Beauty is a niche within the beauty industry, falling somewhere between a salon manicure or eyelash extensions and surgical cosmetic treatments like a facelift or liposuction. Medical aesthetic treatments can be performed in medical spas, specialty physician offices or at dermatology clinics, and they require a higher level of skill than the eyebrow threading and waxing offered by most salon beauticians.

The goal of medical beauty is to improve the cosmetic appearance and skin health by using treatments that enhance the body’s natural structure. The emphasis is on long-term results that celebrate the diversity of all patients and their unique beauty.

There are a wide variety of treatment options available to address the issues caused by imbalances in the skin, such as acne and rosacea, hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Some of these treatments are invasive, such as chemical peels or laser treatments, while others can be delivered at the comfort of your doctor’s office, such as dermaplaning or microdermabrasion.

These treatments penetrate the skin layers to deliver revitalizing ingredients that keep the skin firm and toned long after the treatment has been applied. Products such as MBR’s BioChange CytoLine Face Mask and BioChange Cell Power Vital Serum contain jojoba oil and allatoin, which are proven to help smooth wrinkles, restore collagen levels and stimulate cellular renewal. Other treatments use carefully formulated peptides to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as skin firming ingredients to minimize sagging. Bladder treatment LA Lipo Wales


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