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Blonde is a color of hair that is very light or yellowish, often with little or no trace of red, gold, or brown. The word is also a noun, meaning someone who has blonde hair. It is derived from the Middle French word blond, and may refer to either a man or woman. The noun is often associated with beauty, and many fashion magazines feature women with blond hair. Some style guides discourage the use of blond as a noun, as it can be used to objectify or stereotype the person who is being referred to.

Some people are naturally blond, while others lighten their hair as part of a beauty regimen. The practice of lightening the hair is called bleaching. Blonde hair is most common among Europeans and their descendants, but the color can be found in people of other ethnicities as well. The hair of a person who is blond will usually darken with age, which can make it more difficult to distinguish the original shade from the current one.

The spellings blond and blonde are very similar and pronounced the same. However, they are spelled differently in some languages. The word blond is generally spelled with an “e” at the end when it refers to girls and women, and without an “e” when it refers to boys and men. This grammatical distinction is a holdover from the French language, which has gender-specific suffixes such as femeniné (feminine) and homme (masculine). These terms are still used in some languages, including English. Blonde


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