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The rising focus on eco-friendliness and sustainability has increased the demand for water soluble film manufacturers. The use of such films for packaging a variety of products is helping to decrease plastic waste and pollution, as it can be easily disposed of after use. Additionally, such products are highly flexible and offer good tensile strength, heat resistance, and printability.

Water soluble film is also used in textiles for laundry bags, embroidery, and other specialty applications. It is made from polyvinyl alcohol (PVA/PVOH) resins and is available in a range of grades. It can be used to package specific unit-dosage amounts of detergents, water treatment chemicals, agrochemicals, and dyes.

In addition, PVA/PVOH films are useful for a number of food and beverage packaging applications. They can be used to package ready-to-eat foods like chips, dried fruits, and snacks, as well as for storing perishable items like meat and fish. These films are often transparent and odorless, and can be made to meet the requirements of various food safety standards.

Moreover, water-soluble film can be used to protect workers from direct contact with harsh chemicals in the chemical industry. These products can be packaged in unit-doses for easier handling and disposal, and can also be used to help prevent spills and waste. This type of packaging is particularly helpful for chlorinated water treatment products for swimming pools and crop protection chemicals. This is because if these chemicals were discarded in rivers, rivulets, farms, or terra, they would pollute the soil and water. water soluble film manufacturers


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