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Top 5 image design secrets to make best of a PPT presentation

What pops into your mind when you think of your friends social media profiles? Obviously their stunning visuals in form of selfies! Don’t be shy honestly admit that we all have little bit of crush on these images.

Than what about a PowerPoint show? Is there any reason not to incorporate images in a PPT model?

Perhaps there is no reason. Right! We all are living in world of visuals and our brain responds quickly to visuals rather than text. Because of this reason professionals strongly recommend to insert high resolution images in a PPT presentation. With all this in mind, here we have jotted down few strong reasons to underline the significance of images in crafting an example of great PPT.

  1. An image helps to quickly disseminate more and precise information in a crispy manner.
  2. An image helps in better comprehension than to read something.
  3. An image enlivens a PPT presentation by imparting unique aesthetic value.
  4. An image having vibrant color makes a visual communication dynamic.
  5. An image connects audience more readily with topic and hence it is not at all erroneous to say that images improve audience engagement.

So, images turn a PowerPoint presentation into watch worthy pictorial communication otherwise who cares! In nut shell, we can conclude here that best PowerPoint presentations are the ones that comprises of high quality images. 

Now, a natural question comes here that how to tailor-make images for impeccable results to kick start a good sample of PPT presentation.

No problem! To help out here we are unleashing top 5 secrets to make images the mainstay of a PowerPoint presentation.

Secret No. 1. Go for bigger images

While conceptualizing visual communications always keep this in mind that whatever you plan, plan bigger. Same thing applies in case of images too – bigger the images are, better they look.

Key here is to use complete PPT slide to incorporate an image. Image on extreme right or left or even in the middle occupying just a small portion of the PPT template certainly fails to engross audience attention. No matter how pertinent and high resolution image one inserts, it fails to create the desired effect. best clipping path service


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