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Brush making machine are used to make different types of brushes for a variety of purposes. Various models are available with differing features and capabilities. Some have a viewing window to help monitor the brushing process and determine any problems. Some machines also feature adjustable heights and can be repositioned if necessary. These features make them an excellent choice for production applications.

A high-quality brush making machine is designed to produce a variety of brushes in a fast and efficient manner. The machine can produce all kinds of booms, scrubbing brushes, block brushes, toilet brushes, dish brushes, car wash brushes, shoes brushes, ceiling duster brush, hand brush, single/double hockey brush, cylinder brushes and disc brushes. This machine can be used for both manual and automatic operation, and it can complete the shaving of the brush while it is planting to greatly improve the efficiency of the work. It can be used for a wide range of diameters and sizes, and it can plant up to 80 tacts per minute.

The tuft setting apparatus of the machine includes a pair of reciprocating jaws 31, 32 secured to a plate 33 which is slidably mounted in the frame block 34. The tuft setting jaws are provided with a longitudinal slot for receiving the anchor wire and a tuft deflector (not shown). The tuft deflector is movable in two directions for freeing a tuft from the tufted pattern as the machine indexes to set a new tuft pattern. The tuft deflector is equipped with improved camming mechanisms for operating it in the proper direction during the tuft setting of different directional patterns.

In order to ensure that the tufts are properly positioned, the tuft setting jaws are provided with guiding rails and guides for supporting the bristle strands. Moreover, the tufts are placed on top of the anchor wire before they are cut by the tuft cutting needle. The tufts are then seated on the anchor wire and against the tuft deflector to form a tufted pattern.

An electrically operated cam shift is responsive to the rotation of the tuft deflector in the appropriate direction to operate it during a tuft-setting operation. The cam shift enables the machine to be operated at higher speeds without interference with the rapidly reciprocating jaws of the tuft setter that must clear the tuft deflector.

The TG3 is a high-speed machine designed for the manufacturers of small series of high quality, fine brushware, such as brushes and “fine brushware” for personal use. The machine produces a wide variety of brushware configurations including round, half-round and flat hairbrushes, rubber pads, bath brushes and single or double-sided nailbrushes. The machine is fitted with a short-stroke filling tool and a high-precision picking system to achieve very good production results. The machine is very easy to operate and can be fully automated for longer runs. It is also very compact and can be easily disassembled for transport. It is suitable for a small workshop or showroom.


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