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Things to Help Quit Smoking ASAP

One person dies from smoking every 10 seconds, according to smokingstatistics.org It is estimated that the average smoker loses 12 years of life due to complications from smoking. Every cigarette smoked increases the likelihood of getting cancer. There are a lot of things to help quit smoking which makes it hard to choose which route to go. Pills, patches, and electronic cigarette devices are all expensive and still feed nicotine to your addiction. Nicotine addiction has been compared to heroin addiction by scholars as well as my own biology professor from college.

The addiction is located inside the brain. This is where all the cravings for cigarettes come from. One of the best things to help quit smoking then should be to go to the root of the problem: inside the brain. Your mind is a powerful thing. There is an untapped resource in your mind right now that is so powerful it can prevent pain from surgery. For hundreds of years, before we learned how to put people out for surgery, a form of subconscious pain control was used. This power can easily be used to quit smoking.

The subconscious is the 90% of brain power people do not use. If you are consciously trying to quit smoking then you are only giving 10% of your potential effort. There are different ways to get your subconscious working for you. Trained hypnotherapists are able to tap into the subconscious to help quit smoking but this involves constantly paying for sessions. It would be just as well to keep buying nicotine gum or patches if you want to keep spending money on quitting.

There is another option however. The subconscious can take in subliminal messages, which are messages that you do not consciously acknowledge. Subliminal messages are usually put on a cd or an mp3 album of nature soundtracks. Messages are written in future and present tense form, for example a soundtrack with subliminal messages to quit smoking would say “I am free from my smoking addiction” or “I easily resist my cravings.” The subconscious takes those messages in without you ever even hearing them. If the messages align with your goal, then instead of having only 10% of your brain working toward your goal, you will also have the other 90% working on it also. Subliminal cds or mp3s are one of the best things to help quit smoking. gippro


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