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Gippro is a brand that is dedicated to cutting-edge technology and delicious vapor delivery. Its products are able to satisfy every vaping lover’s needs, from smooth taste with multiple options and excellence in design. The company pays attention to each user’s feedback in different markets and works hard to create products that meet the requirements of users around the world.

The gippro Bling Bling is a rechargeable disposable electronic cigarette which comes with the GP6 device*1, pods*2, USB charging cable*1. The package contains a manual which is glued on top of the box cover and a warranty card inside. Its white carton looks clean and reflects the brand’s consistent style. The English slogan “Welcome to Gippro World, New Style, New Life” on the side of the box brings in trend elements.

This new gippro product adopts the oblong flat design which increases the space for a more comfortable grip. It is made of anodized lacquer which increases abrasion resistance and makes the paint surface harder to fall off and more resistant to sweat stains. Its color is also quite unique. Its GP6 atomization stick uses baby skin surface treatment technology and truly achieves baby skin feeling, and its paint is very smooth and not easy to leave fingerprints after touch.

The GP6 pod is designed with a larger diameter air inlet to deliver rich and smooth vapor. It has a built-in 400mAh battery and a LED light, and it can easily satisfy daily use. It can hold 10ml of e-liquid and has a nicotine strength of up to 5mg. It also features a magnetic design and can prevent the risk of leaking vapor or juice.


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