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Seniors can lower their overall care costs by managing their health with regular exercise, a proper diet, and a support system. They can also help lower their care costs by taking advantage of options for mutuelle senior like the Senior LIFE Program.

During the period covered by this investigation, KASMA collected membership fees and, upon the death of a member, paid an amount towards funeral expenses to the funeral home and an additional amount according to Korean tradition to the deceased’s surviving family.

When You are Young and Single

The time when you are young, single and don’t have any dependants, it doesn’t really make sense to run out and get insurance. From a financial perspective, some experts’ advice to save money by directly putting in an investment account over opting whole life insurance plan that has an added investment component. It is because you will be paying premiums for an insurance policy you don’t really need at that point of time. The only reason you might think of considering a insurance plan at this time of life is – comparatively low premium cost. Being young and healthy, insurance companies consider it a good deal to insure you, with a lower health risk, over middle-aged or old people with higher health risk probability. Other reasons what might compel you to give a thought about buying a life insurance being young and single includes,

  • With no children and spouse, you still have other loved ones who will have to pay for your funeral expenses.
  • Ensure no burden of mortgages/debts you have, on the family members or may be a joint loan with a friend.
  • Taking care of a single old parent after your demise.


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