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One of the most respected Democratic strategists in California history, Berman was also an accomplished blackjack player. He played with a ruthless precision that earned him a reputation as being good enough to get banned from some casinos. Berman ran political campaigns with the same shrewd strategic maneuvering that he used at the blackjack table, friends said.

He was also known to work relentlessly, often for very little pay. He was not a public figure, but worked behind the scenes. His work was his life and he took pride in his accomplishments, said Howard Berman, his brother and one of his closest confidants.

The museum’s exhibitions will run through the end of December, and a public opening reception will be held on Thursday night. The exhibitions will feature works by artists such as Robert Arneson, Mark Bradford, and Ed Ruscha. A full schedule of events can be found here.

Berman was born in Queens and raised by parents sympathetic to left-wing politics. He enrolled at Queens College in 1963 and immediately became involved in social activism and community politics.

He enjoys challenges and rivalry, but can become overly competitive in certain areas of his life. He is a realist and visionary planner, and can make a profound impact on humanity. He is highly dedicated to family and friends, and loves bringing comfort and security to those who are important to him. However, he needs to balance his own personal needs with the needs of others. one bernam


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