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Whether you are starting out on a small scale or building a commercial mushroom farm, you will need to invest in some basic supplies. The exact requirements will vary depending on the type of mushrooms you are growing, as some will require different substrates or inoculating methods. However, there are some essentials that all cultivators should consider buying as soon as possible to ensure their success.

Sterile Environment
This goes without saying, but a clean workspace is non-negotiable when working with fungi. A sterile environment will protect your work from contamination, which can be caused by anything from dust particles to germs in your breath. A cheap pair of surgical masks can help to cut down on this risk, and can be bought at most general retail stores.

A Steamer
The sterilization of your substrate is a key factor in successful cultivation. A cheap atmospheric steamer can be found at most hardware stores, and will provide you with a simple method to quickly and easily sterilize your substrate.

A Humidity Controller
Humidity control is also a must-have for any fruiting space. A simple humidifier can be purchased at most general stores, but for large operations a humidity controller is recommended. This will monitor the ambient air temperature and moisture levels, and then automatically adjust the humidity of your workspace accordingly.

Mushroom Growing Books
There is a wealth of information available on growing mushrooms, and reading can be an important part of your mycological education. From simple beginner guides to more complex topics, a good collection of mycological books can be an invaluable resource as you move forward in your growth. Mushroom cultivation supplies


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