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Funko Pops are a worldwide phenomenon with giant heads and eyes on small bodies. These adorable figurines are based on a wide range of popular franchises and genres-from major heroes and villains to video games, TV shows, movies, sports teams and more. Founded in 1998 as a nostalgia-themed toy line, the company has expanded into a global brand with products ranging from collectibles and apparel to home goods and accessories.

Marvel fans love to add Funko Pop characters to their collections and display them in their homes. Some collectors keep their figures in the original packaging, while others take them out of their boxes to create vibrant displays and recreate iconic scenes from movie history. Whatever your preference, BoxLunch has an amazing selection of Marvel Funko Pops that will complement your home and expand your Marvel multiverse.

This PREVIEWS Exclusive figure depicts an alternate version of Peter Parker from the upcoming Marvel Studios film Spider-Man: No Way Home. When Ned Leeds opens the portal to another universe, the worlds collide in this multi-dimensional POP! This 6″ tall vinyl figure is perfect for any Marvel collection.

Whether you’re a super hero or super villain, there’s no better way to show off your fandom than with this Marvel Funko Pop! This Endgame-themed figure celebrates Captain America’s most defining moment-the moment when he picked up Thor’s Mjolnir during the battle of Wakanda. This Pop will definitely make your shelf stand out and provide a fun conversation starter as you and your friends debate if Steve Rogers is truly worthy of Mjolnir’s power. funko pop marvel


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