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Conservatory Roof Replacement – What Type of Roof Should You Choose?

Whether your conservatory was built recently or it’s an older structure, after a while, even the best-made roof will begin to show signs of wear and tear. While small niggles may be able to be fixed, if problems become constant it’s likely that the materials have deteriorated beyond repair and your conservatory is in danger of becoming unusable or even unsafe for you and your family.

The first signs of a deteriorating roof may be a leak. This can not only damage the structure itself but also the furniture inside. It’s important to address leaking roofs as soon as possible to avoid water damage and other costly issues.

Once you’ve found a reliable and experienced tradesman to complete your conservatory roof replacement, it’s time to consider what type of roof you would like to replace the existing one with. With advances in roofing technology, you don’t need to stick with a translucent glass roof; there are now lots of other options available.

Polycarbonate Roof Sheets
Polycarbonate is still a popular option for conservatory roofs because of its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. It can be shaped to fit the shape of your existing conservatory and comes in a range of transparency options to help regulate light and heat.

Glass Roofs
Glass roofs are better insulators than polycarbonate and can be made to look more traditional to complement your home. They also let in a lot of natural light, giving your conservatory a bright and airy feel. Conservatory roof replacement


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