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When it comes to dressing for the hotter seasons, the key is in the fabric. If you stick to breathable fabrics and request a light construction your Summer suits will keep you cool all day.

Natural plant fabrics like linen and cotton are classic, lighter choices for the season that will work well for most occasions. Linen, in particular, has been around for thousands of years as one of nature’s most breathable materials and can be worn year-round with the right accessories.

Fresco wool is another great option for the warmer weather. Made with a finer and looser weave, it’s still as durable as traditional wool but is much more lightweight. Pair a suit in this fabric with a bold tie and pocket square for an office-perfect look.

If you’re looking to move away from the darker navy blue suit staple then consider a lighter shade like baby blue. It’s attention-grabbing but still a refined shade and works beautifully with linen or blue & white seersucker.

Beiges, khakis and browns are also great options for Summer suits. The best part about these neutrals is that they pair well with almost any color and can be tailored to fit a wide range of occasions. Summer suits


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