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The Katana sword is the legendary sword of Feudal Japan, a deadly weapon coveted by samurai warriors and now sought after by martial arts practitioners around the world. The Katana is a sword of exceptional beauty and grace, with a wide and elegant blade that tapers to a sharp point at the end. It was forged with the idea of striking at an opponent in one swift blow that would cripple or kill him, and it has become famous as a symbol of the Japanese culture.

The smith begins the process by heating up tamahagane, which is hard, high-carbon steel. Then he folds it repeatedly over a tough, lower-carbon core to remove impurities and create a pattern known as Hada on the surface of the blade. This boosts the durability and strength of the blade. It also gives the blade its distinctive curved shape.

After the blade is tempered through a process called differential hardening, the smith covers it partially with wet clay slurry. This slurry contains different ingredients depending on the sword maker. This process changes the density of the steel to make it softer and stronger, while still maintaining the curve. The smith then heats the blade again, this time at a higher temperature to harden it even more. This is the shinogichi process.

The next step involves grinding the edge of the blade, followed by polishing. The sword craftsman uses progressively finer stones to refine the hamon and the grain pattern of the folded steel. This is a slow and laborious process that can take weeks to complete. Then, the sword is ready to be paired with a guard and scabbard for final assembly. buy the katana here


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