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Whether you’re cleaning the exterior of your commercial property to keep it looking great or getting your home ready for sale or rental, gold coast pressure cleaning is an effective solution. It can remove accumulated dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and moss from a variety of surfaces such as concrete paths, driveways, patio areas, brick walls, rendered walls, fences and the underside of awnings and window surrounds.

Fungus, lichen, and algae can also build up on concrete and paved areas making them unsightly and slippery. Regular cleaning with a high-pressure water jet removes these growths and keeps them from coming back.

Oil stains on paving and driveways are unsightly and can be dangerous to walk on. They can be difficult to clean with traditional methods and if left to penetrate into porous masonry surfaces can cause permanent damage. A professional cleaner with experience using high-pressure cleaning equipment will know how to use the pressure washer correctly for different surfaces without causing any damage. This can be done without damaging your paving, car and timber outdoor furniture. gold coast pressure cleaning


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