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What to Expect From an RV Detailing Service

Whether you live in your RV year-round or use it for vacations and weekend trips, the internal wear and tear from using this home-on-wheels can take a toll on its appearance. Dirt, dust, road debris and sun damage can dull its exterior, so rv detailing is a vital part of maintaining your investment and enjoying the time you spend in it.

While it’s possible to detail your own RV if you have the right equipment and cleaning materials, many RV owners choose to hire professional RV detailing services. These experts can clean your RV and its components thoroughly to restore them to their original, brand-new condition. RV detailing companies typically charge by the length of the RV they’re cleaning, so be prepared to pay a little more for the luxury of having your own personal home-on-wheels cleaned from top to bottom.

The rv detailing process starts with a thorough wash, so expect that to be the bulk of your bill. This includes the use of a pressure washer, proper RV cleaning soap and long-handled home-scrubbing tools. A good detailer will also use a high-quality wax to protect your RV from the elements after the wash and keep it looking fresh for as long as possible.

A good detailer will also clean your RV’s awnings, including those that retract to provide shade and those that fold out from the side of your RV. They will use safe chemicals to clean any mildew build-up on these awnings and then treat them with a UV-coating to prevent the fabric from becoming brittle and tearing over time.

Inside your RV, a detailer will wipe down all surfaces and scrub every corner, crevice and crack to make sure it’s as clean as the day you bought it. They will clean all the fabric and upholstery, including the carpets, seats, and cup holders. They will also clean the vents, cupboards and dashboard. They’ll even remove and clean any odors that may be trapped in your RV.

Another important part of any RV detailing job is bug removal. This is a must-do task because bugs can leave behind stains and eat through paint and coatings. A good detailer will use a special bug remover product, scrub the bugs until they’re clean and then rinse the RV to remove any remaining bug guts.

Lastly, a good detailer will inspect your RV’s tires and scrub them down, remove any dirt or grime that has built-up, and then apply a layer of protective wax to help prevent oxidation and keep the tires in tip-top shape.

If you’re an experienced RV owner, you might be able to do some of the rv detailing yourself, but it’s always best to leave the professional work to professionals who understand the unique products and techniques that go into cleaning this type of vehicle. A professional RV detailer can get your RV as close to its original brand-new condition as possible, so that you can enjoy it for as long as you own it.


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