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What Makes a Fire Fighting Pump?

Fire fighting pumps are essential components of many fire suppression systems, providing the high-pressure water needed to prevent and extinguish the flames. Feld Fire carries a wide variety of quality fire pump models to fit your needs, whether it’s for home, commercial, or emergency use. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes a fire pump different from a regular water pump and how to select the best portable fire fighting pump for your application.

The type of fire fighting pump you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the potential fire hazard and the water supply reliability and accessibility. In addition, the nozzle size and hose size will also influence the selection process. In most cases, the fire department will need both a low pressure and high pressure pump. This is because some nozzles require low pressure to function while others need high pressure to achieve the desired flow rate and spray pattern.

Generally, a fire pump is a centrifugal pump, designed for pumping fire fighting water and meeting the special requirements set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other applicable regulations. This includes the requirement that they start reliably for testing sprinkler systems, and that they deliver a constant flow rate and pressure to the system even during emergencies. Fire pumps are typically powered by diesel or gasoline engines and can be either two-cycle or four-cycle.

A fire pump can be portable, installed on fire fighting vehicles, or fixed in a permanent location, such as a fire water storage tank or hydrant. Portable fire pumps are designed with a pump end that is flanged to a motor assembly and mounted in a protective frame. Fire pumps that are mounted on fire fighting vehicles or used as portables are commonly driven by a vehicle’s motor via a jack shaft.

When it comes to stationary fire pumps, the design, NFPA regulation compliance, and other requirements will vary according to the type of installation. Depending on the hazard class, the sprinkler system may need to be supplied with water from two independent sources using different fire pumps. In some installations, it may be necessary to install a back-up pump to ensure uninterrupted operation in case of an emergency.

For all your firefighting equipment, including portable fire fighting pumps and Honda-powered pressure pumps, shop the full range of products available at Feld Fire today! We’re proud to carry the highest-quality fire fighting pumps and other fire equipment from industry-leading manufacturers such as Rosenbauer. Browse the site and filter our extensive inventory by brand, price, size, power, type, rated capacity, flow-rate, & pressure to find the perfect fire fighting pump for your application. We also offer a variety of shipping options and financing plans to help make the process easy and convenient. If you have any questions, contact us and our team of experts will be happy to assist you. We’re always here to help you protect what matters most.


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