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A hair blower (also called a hair dryer, blowdryer, or hairdryer) is an electromechanical device that blows air over damp hair to speed up the evaporation of water to dry and shape the hair. A hair dryer has an insulated barrel, a motor to generate electricity, and a fan that produces a stream of warm or hot air. The hot air increases the temperature of the surrounding hair strands, which makes it easier for water molecules to overcome their attraction to each other and change from a liquid to a gas state.

The body of a hair dryer is generally in the form of a gun shaped plastic shell with two matching halves that are molded together during manufacturing using injection molding—a process that injects hot, molten plastic into a stainless steel die to create a solid piece of plastic. Each half has a series of holes molded into it to provide airflow, which is then directed over and through the heating element in the body of the hair dryer, warming it up through forced convection. The warm air then passes through the hole in the other half and out of the body, where it is blown over the hair by the fan.

There are many different kinds of hair dryers, including hand-held models and large, seated versions used by stylists. The best hair dryer for your specific hair type and styling needs depends on the length, thickness, and texture of your hair. For example, very thick strands of hair require a high heat setting to dry quickly and help sculpt the hair’s shape, while thinner, lighter hair needs lower temperatures to avoid damage or frizz. Many hair dryers also come with a diffuser attachment that helps curly or kinky hair types embrace their natural texture while minimizing frizz, and a narrow nozzle attachment that can help smooth straight or sleek hair. hair blower


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