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Call answering services allow you to have your calls answered by a real live person when you are busy. They are a great boon for any business that receives a lot of calls, whether it’s sales, marketing or customer support. They can help you to resolve queries, book appointments or even pre-qualify warm leads, depending on the type of business you have.

A good answering service will be able to answer your calls in your company name and follow any specific instructions you give them. You’ll be able to nominate how these call details are shared with you, typically via email but also SMS messaging. They can also provide more detailed information, such as the reason for the call or the type of query.

Some calling services offer features that go beyond just phone calls, such as live chat and social media management. This can be an excellent option for businesses with multiple channels of inbound communication and can help you save money by being able to streamline these tasks.

When choosing a call answering service, remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”. The cheapest companies are often not investing in recruiting and training their operators well. They may also not have the ability to deliver a high standard of customer service that will make your customers feel valued. However, the right answering service can really elevate the experience of your customers and boost your reputation. call answering service


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