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Professional voice over services add another layer of engagement for audiences to an otherwise static piece of content. Whether it’s an animation video or eLearning module, a well-researched script and a professional voice will elevate your project to the next level.

A career in voice acting is rewarding and flexible. It can be as short as recording a twenty-second commercial or as long as producing an international film dub. Many voice actors are also able to book repeat work by developing strong relationships with clients or forming a partnership with a company that’s heavily invested in the voice industry (such as an audiobook company or video game developer).

The flexibility of working from home is one of the most attractive aspects of becoming a professional voice actor. Clients often work with their chosen voice actors to create a schedule that works for both parties. In addition, freelance voice actors can often be found working for global brands and companies, as well as local small businesses.

When searching for a professional voice artist to provide your next voice over, check out their portfolio and gig description for examples of their work. Look for testimonials from happy clients and experience in the types of projects you need. For example, if you need a voice over for an explainer video, make sure the seller has experience recording similar content before hiring them. Click on a gig to view all the relevant information, including pricing and services. VoiceOver artists services


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