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Vietnam Trip – Explore the Spectacular Natural Landscapes of Central Vietnam

Get to know the dazzling, multifaceted Vietnam on this comprehensive adventure from emerald mountains to sun-drenched beaches. Immerse yourself in the country’s mesmerizing culture and momentous history at a plethora of UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the imperial city of Hue and mystical Halong Bay. Glimpse rural life on a hike through idyllic Mai Chau Valley and explore the famed Cu Chi tunnels.

Whether it’s the stunning landscapes of Hai Van Mountain Pass, or the ornate mausoleums of Nguyen dynasty emperors, you’ll find plenty of unforgettable sights in central Vietnam. In the laidback coastal city of Da Nang, take in views of My Khe Beach and its watersports, or venture inland to visit Marble Mountains for their maze of caves and temples. Then, go tomb hopping in nearby Hue to explore opulent, intricate mausoleums that were designed by their intended occupants.

From the emerald hills of Sapa to the pristine shores of Mui Ne, Vietnam has some of the most spectacular natural landscapes in Asia. You’ll also discover a wealth of UNESCO World Heritage sites here, including a karst plateau teeming with jaw-dropping vistas and the fairy-tale-like Lung Cu Flag Tower.

You can take a domestic flight or bus for long-distance travel in Vietnam, and overnight routes sometimes include accommodation too. Just be prepared for crowded buses that may not be as comfortable as you’re used to – and be sure to bring earplugs! If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to get around, rent a scooter or moped for some freedom on your Vietnam trip. 베트남 에코걸의 지역별 특징과 프로필 및 팁


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