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Teri Ijeoma is an entrepreneur and travel blogger who discovered that trading stocks could help her generate income that was not dependent on client or job availability. She took stock trading classes and started teaching others how to trade and invest – primarily using online resources.

In the past, I’ve reviewed several trading courses and coached people on how to get started with trading. I’ve also interviewed investors and traders who make a living from trading – either part time or full time. One of the best-known is Trade and Travel, which has a new version called 2.0.

The Passport to Trade 2.0 project offers a pathway for SMEs to become more competitive in European markets and enhance their business culture and capability. This includes helping them to use social media marketing, and developing search and database technology tools to allow for the collection of customer preferences and direct marketing of products to specific segments of customers.

But in order to take advantage of this opportunity, travel intermediaries must be willing to enter into inherently risky inventory commitments and then manage them effectively. That requires advanced processes for demand forecasting, dynamic pricing and yield management, and agile sourcing of inventory to match changing consumer demands. It also requires a rethinking of the role of IT in this process. trade and travel 2.0


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