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Located in Rio Grande, Reserve Residences features free Wi-Fi and private parking. It also has a kids pool and a garden. Guests have access to a fitness center and a spa centre.

Despite their many hardships, reserves are often the place where Native peoples can live and thrive – where Indigenous languages and culture are kept alive in schools and cultural practices are practiced. But they are also, for many communities, a source of frustration and anger as they struggle with poverty, inadequate housing, and lack of services like health and education.

The Reserve Residences is a thoughtfully curated integrated development with transport hub featuring a blend of 1- to 5-bedroom luxury residences, serviced residences, retail and public spaces. Strategically situated in the Beauty World neighbourhood, it is seamlessly connected to transport networks and nature attractions.

Inadequate housing and other socio-economic conditions on reserves are among the greatest challenges for Indigenous Peoples. They have significant negative impacts on health, education and employment, contributing to the high levels of suicide, substance abuse and domestic violence seen in some communities.

A variety of innovative opportunities for more and better-quality housing are available for First Nations communities. These include grants for more affordable homes and the Ministerial Loan Guarantee to help communities obtain loans to build, buy or renovate their houses.

The housing on reserve is often of poor quality and overcrowded. This is often due to the high birth rate on the reserves and the slow rate of house construction. Overcrowding contributes to a number of social issues including children having trouble in school because they are so tired and sleep deprived. Moisture from overcrowded houses contributes to a range of health concerns, such as mould. reserve residences


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