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A best employee communication apps is an excellent way to reach your whole team and align everyone with your goals. It creates a shared digital space that nurtures company culture and helps employees feel connected to each other.

Workvivo is a tool that uses a familiar newsfeed-style social environment to boost employee engagement and retention. Its user-friendly design and recognizable branding promotes adoption from the start.


The Simpplr platform brings social functionality to the workplace and encourages employee-to-employee engagement. The platform also supports media-rich content creation, making it easy for corporate leaders and internal communications teams to design personalized messages for targeted groups of employees. This message can then be broadcast to a wide range of channels with the click of a button.

The platform features an activity feed that keeps employees up to date with company news and allows them to create a profile page with their areas of expertise, biographies, and activities. It also has tools for feedback collection, pulse surveys, recognition shoutouts, milestone celebrations, and new-starter introduction videos.

The Simpplr platform also includes a native calendar that helps users keep up with their colleagues’ schedules and meetings. Additionally, the platform offers a centralized intranet that lets employees access company documents and resources. It also integrates with other tools in the corporate technology stack to enable cross-platform collaboration and communication.


If you are looking for a team communication tool that is simple to set up and intuitive to use, then Chanty is the way to go. It offers the trifecta of team chat apps – text messages, audio/video calls and file sharing – all in one place, plus a Kanban board view and guest user functionality.

The all-in-one communication platform enables teams to improve productivity and staff transparency without the need to bounce around thousands of apps. It includes team chats, private 1-on-1 video calls and on-demand department huddles. It also supports project management with a Kanban board view, and allows for easy task creation and assignment.

Besides providing team members with organized notifications and a more organized structure for collaboration, Chanty’s paid plans offer unlimited message search. Users on the Business tier can use 45+ integrations, and each team member gets 20 GB of storage. Additionally, the business plan allows for team leaders to assign roles and permissions.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is an online community for programmers that provides a platform to share knowledge and advance careers. Millions of developers and technologists visit the site each month to find answers to their questions, learn new skills, and collaborate with fellow professionals. Founded in 2008, the company is headquartered in New York City. Its name derives from a programming term for an error that occurs when too much memory is used on a call stack.

The platform offers a range of features that enable companies to centralize knowledge in a single place and deliver it to employees on the devices they use. This includes a searchable repository that can be accessed on any device, and integrations with chat tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams. It also provides a feature that notifies subject matter experts when content needs to be updated.

The platform competes with internal wikis and documentation, which often become out of date. Its question-and-answer format is more user-friendly than a traditional document, and it can be viewed by anyone who has registered on the website.


Workvivo is a dynamic employee communication platform that’s easy to use and looks a lot like social media. Its features include a people directory, social intranet, and an employee news feed. It also has an integrated directory for managing workflows, and it offers a number of analytics tools to measure user engagement.

Its social intranet capabilities allow users to share documents, post updates, and send event notifications. Its built-in reporting tools enable business leaders to analyze active user engagement and login activity, trends in comments and likes, and insights into activities based on location or department.

It’s important to choose an employee communications app that supports your company’s culture. This will help your employees feel connected and engaged, regardless of their location or job function. Choosing the right app will make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your internal comms. The best choice will be one that promotes open communication, is easy to use, and has a variety of functionality.


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