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The Arden – Home to Shakespeare’s Forest Comedies

The arden is an area of the UK that combines the glories of the countryside – including the AONBs (Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty) of Cannock Chase and Cotswolds – with the charms of the towns. It’s also home to some of the country’s most ancient woodland – the Forest of Arden – on which Shakespeare based his forest comedies.

Shakespeare promulgated a vision of the forest that fitted in with the English nostalgic autostereotype of Merry England and inspired subsequent artists like the Pre-Raphaelite John Collier. It wasn’t a place to visit lightly – the trees were mighty and the forests were full of dangers such as bears and wolves that didn’t disappear from Great Britain until well after the seventeenth century. No Roman road penetrated it; the Icknield Street, Watling Street and Fosse Way all went around, and a salt track bounded the south side.

As the 2023 Fair comes to a close, many thanks and kudos to the countless volunteers who helped make it a success. The Fair couldn’t happen without the help of all our dedicated Gild Leaders, Arden Club Board members and staff as well as many others who volunteer throughout the summer. The planning starts in June with an initial meeting of all the organizers to shore up assignments and continues right up to the day of the Fair.

If you’re a new Gild and want to become more involved in your community, we encourage you to visit the Village government website and familiarize yourself with village ordinances. It’s important that you understand your responsibilities as a leaseholder and stay up-to-date on changes in Village policy.


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