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A spiral freezer mechanically transports food products on a conveyor belt through a tightly controlled cooling process that allows the internal freezer temperature to reach as low as -100°C. This method of freezing exposes a greater surface area to the freezing process than a linear freezer can accomplish, dramatically speeding up processing times and allowing the product to maintain its shape and quality longer.

Energy intensity is an important factor for a plant to consider when designing a new refrigeration system or updating an existing one. However, traditional measuring methods (such as kW usage, fan horsepower usage and belt speeds) tell only part of the story.

The energy efficiency of a spiral freezer is also impacted by product mix, product geometry and size, evaporator performance, freezer enclosure sealing, air flow and nozzle design and other factors that vary from application to operation. When a facility produces a variety of product types, it is common for freezers to operate at different settings with the same equipment.

With this type of variation, the freezers are operating at different temperatures and fan speeds with each production run, which results in higher-than-desired energy consumption. In addition, these high operating costs can be compounded by frequent defrost cycles, which are triggered by temperature fluctuations in the product and freezer and require a significant amount of electrical power to remove frozen moisture from the coils.

VaCom Technologies has solved these problems with a solution that allows the freezer’s operational parameters to update based on which product is being produced. We work with the plant staff as a team to initially determine the optimal freezer parameters for each product (or family of products) and then continuously test them over time, adjusting as needed. The resulting system allows each product to achieve the desired product temperature while minimizing energy usage, improving refrigeration system efficiency and saving money.

Manufacturer of standard and custom mechanical freezers for chilling, crusting and full freezing a variety of foods including meat, bakery airy products and prepared meals. Features include stainless steel frames, safety interlock systems, variable speed exhaust blowers, adjustable evaporator speeds, PLC control and freezer enclosure lighting. Suitable for use with ammonia, Freon or CO2 refrigerants and various CIP systems.

A spiral freezer uses a freezer-belt that encircles a drum in a helix configuration. Food proceeds through the freezer as it travels around the drum, and a continuous flow of cold air is blown down on the food from above by fans. The spiral freezer’s hygienic design, which ensures that no product contacts the freezer-belt and is instead exposed to the cold airflow, makes it a perfect choice for food applications where sanitation is crucial. The dynamic cooling process also kills bacteria, helping to guarantee a thorough and effective freeze that preserves the product’s essence, original texture and freshness for longer storage periods.


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