Spinning Hat Golf Spot the Ball Mug

If you’re into the game of ‘Spot the Ball’ you’ll love this heat reactive golf mug! This mug is based on the classic British newspaper game and once you add hot water you’ll be able to see where the ball was. The mug is perfect for any office and will definitely cause some laughs with your colleagues.

Heat reactive

If you’re a fan of the classic British newspaper game Spot the Ball, then you’ll love this mug. This mug is heat reactive, which means that when you pour hot liquid into it, the black spots on the front of the mug will melt away and reveal a funny graphic hidden underneath! This particular mug is made using a thermochromic coating, which is essentially a type of paint that changes color when it comes into contact with heat. This type of paint is commonly found in mugs, baby bottles, kettles and even car engines!

This mug is the perfect way to power up your morning cup of joe and get your coworkers to join in on the fun. It’s also the perfect gift for anyone who loves gaming!


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