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A spa is a facility that offers a variety of professionally administered spa services to clients on a day-use basis. In addition to massages and facials, they offer mud treatments, hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms, and other body therapies.

There is a drive towards corporate wellness, as companies recognise the importance of employee wellbeing and the impact on productivity. A day at the spa can be an opportunity for employees to recharge and unwind, and learn techniques that they can practice daily.

Spas are also focusing on promoting the mental benefits of their treatments. Massages, for example, can help reduce stress and muscle tension and improve mood by releasing serotonin. A facial can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone and texture, remove dead cells and hydrate the skin.

A detoxifying treatment can eliminate toxins and excess fat, improving sleep and energy levels. In addition, a hot stone therapy treatment can relieve joint pain and improve flexibility and mobility.

As the economy continues to recover, spas are focusing on bringing wellness to their client base. Subscription and membership models are a popular way to encourage client commitment to relaxation and self-care. For smaller spas with limited space and staff, Drummer suggests incorporating wellness into existing treatments or offering a range of “synergy” treatments that address clients’ needs both from outside and within. For instance, combining an acupuncture session with a facial or massage can improve the experience and provide additional wellbeing benefits for clients. spa and wellness


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