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Shutters gateshead are a great alternative to blinds and curtains and offer ultimate control over light. The louvres on these shutters can be easily tilted to allow in natural sunlight and to provide privacy with the simple twist of a rod. They are a popular choice for Bay Windows, as shown here in our Wickham installation.

A stylish full height shutter has been incorporated here to accentuate the bay window, creating an attractive and modern aesthetic. They look fantastic from both the inside and outside of the property, providing a lovely focal point and serious kerb appeal!

Shutters are a practical light control solution too, as they are easy to keep clean with just a wipe down and won’t retain unpleasant odours like fabric window dressings. The slats can be opened to let in more sun, and closed for extra insulation during the colder months. They can also be tilted to partially block out light from neighbouring properties, making them a more versatile and convenient option than alternative window coverings. They’re a better choice for families too, as they can be safer and more secure than blinds.


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