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If your loved one’s sexual addiction is damaging their personal and professional lives, it may be time to seek treatment. Having an addiction to sex does not have to be shameful or embarrassing, and there are a variety of options for treatment.

Often, people develop a sexual addiction due to unresolved traumas. This can make the recovery process very difficult, as a person needs to work through their feelings in order to understand why they feel the need for compulsive sexual behavior. This usually requires talk therapy with a mental health professional. In some cases, medications such as mood stabilizers can be helpful in addressing co-occurring conditions like depression or anxiety.

In addition to individual psychotherapy, sex addiction treatment can include group therapy. These groups are typically led by a therapist and are designed to replace negative behaviors with positive ones, and help individuals develop healthy relationships. They can also provide support from other sex addicts who are going through the same experiences. Examples of these types of groups include Sex Addicts Anonymous, which follows the 12-step program of Alcoholics Anonymous; cognitive behavioral therapy; and acceptance and commitment therapy.

Overcoming sex addiction does not necessarily mean that a person will never have sex again, but it does mean that they will be in control of their behavior and feel happy and fulfilled. Working with a therapist can help people achieve this goal, and it is important to find a therapist who has experience with this type of addiction.


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