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Selling Skills in B2B Sales Environments

Selling skills are the abilities that allow salespeople to convince customers to buy a product or service. They encompass a range of abilities, from effective communication to customer-centricity. They are also important for building trust and relationships with clients, as well as establishing long-term partnerships. Salespeople need to understand how buyers think and what their needs are, and they should know how to communicate with them in a way that is both professional and relatable.

Effective communication skills include verbal and written communication, which are needed for interactions via email, social media, video conference, or in person. They also help salespeople to explain how a product works and why it is a good fit for the buyer. In addition to this, salespeople need to be able to listen to their customers’ questions and concerns and answer them effectively.

Another vital selling skill is business acumen, which allows salespeople to identify a client’s industry and departmental issues, so they can provide tailored solutions that meet the client’s requirements. Similarly, salespeople must be able to demonstrate the return on investment that a product or service will bring to a buyer’s organization, in order to encourage them to invest in the solution.

This article empirically verifies a seven-dimensional framework for seller skills, built on the work of Verbeke, Dietz, and Verwaal (2011), and Churchill et al. (1985). The framework offers a valuable basis for understanding how sellers’ skills affect sales performance in B2B settings. online marketplace


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