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Roman Angel Figurines Background

Roman, Inc., most famous for its Seraphim Classics collection of angels, began in 1963. They started with $500 and a station wagon full of gift wares and now are one of the largest privately owned giftware companies in the industry.

The Seraphim classic collection was introduced in 1994 with the first limited editions appearing in 1995. Their craftsmanship is unparalleled, winning many awards in the industry.

Gaylord Ho, master sculptor, designs all the Seraphim Classic angels. He sculpts them in clay and forms molds from which that angel figurine will be reproduced. He oversees the highly trained artisans working together to reproduce these magnificent figurines.

The exceptional things that make collectors enjoy these possessions even more is knowing their purchase is going to help a worthy cause. Each year Roman donates thousands of dollars to organizations such as The Sunshine Foundation and The American Cancer Society.

Civilizations from different faiths have believed in angels for centuries. The Seraphim always stood at the top of the nine-level hierarchy of angels and originally had six wings. The modern humanoid version with only two wings was developed only a few hundred years ago. It is believed that they were in the beginning, protectors of our Lord during the war between Heaven and hell. They were also said to be musicians transforming the glory of God into music.

I have been a collector for years and truly enjoy them. I started with the Roman Seraphim limited edition ornaments. Each Christmas I looked forward to bringing them out and carefully putting them on my tree. Compliments abound each season. When I decided to develop a website, of course angels were the first item that came to mind. Cherub Figurine


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