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The idea of having chef-created meals delivered to your door can sound incredibly tempting. But not all prepared meal services are created equal, and it can be difficult to determine which will suit your individual needs. Fortunately, a growing number of companies are now offering healthy and delicious premade meals to cater to various lifestyles. From microwavable options that are ready to eat in three minutes or less, to keto, paleo, plant based and low-calorie selections, there is a service to help meet almost any diet and health goal.

A few of these options include Freshly, Revive and Territory. They offer hot meals that require a little bit more work to prepare. However, this extra effort is worth it in order to eat food that has been prepared and cooked by a professional and made with your wellness goals in mind. These meals are also free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars making them a great option for those following a restricted diet. In addition, they use “responsibly sourced and nutrient-dense” ingredients and work with nutritionists on their menus.

Another option is SunBasket, a service that provides fully-prepared meals that require no prep and just need to be warmed. Their prepared meals are delivered in an insulated box and contain all-natural ingredients that are either local or organic. They are also produced in a facility that follows FDA-regulated preventative measures to ensure food safety. In addition to their dinners, they also have breakfast and lunch options as well.

In a similar vein, MealPro is another company that offers oven-ready meals that can be heated up in the microwave or on the stove top for just 4-5 minutes. They use all-natural ingredients that are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars and work with nutritionists on their menus to keep things healthy. In addition to their prepared meals, MealPro also offers breakfast and lunch items as well as smoothies.

As you explore your options for ready meals delivered, it is important to remember that the nutritional value of these foods will vary. Some may be high in sodium or have large amounts of added sugars. Others may be lacking in key nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and fats. As such, these meals should be viewed as occasional treats rather than a replacement for the majority of your food.

Having healthy ready-made meals available can be an excellent way to cut down on impulsive snacking and more frequent restaurant trips. However, be aware that consuming prepared meals on a regular basis can reduce your enjoyment of eating and result in menu fatigue over time. This can then lead to skipping meals or turning to less-balanced foods to satisfy your hunger. Ultimately, it is best to plan and cook at home whenever possible, but if you do need to use a prepared meal delivery service, choose wisely. ready meals delivered


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