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Psilocybin grow bags are used for growing mushrooms from a substrate that includes sawdust and other organic material. They are sterilized to kill any contaminants and then inoculated with spores or mycelium which grows inside the bag, producing mushrooms that can be harvested.

Mushroom grow bags come in a range of sizes and are made from varying materials. They all feature a filter patch that allows for air exchange while still blocking out contaminants. Some also have a self-healing injection port that can be injected with a syringe for easy inoculation. They are designed to handle the entire mushroom cultivation process, from inoculation to flushing.

To ensure the sterility of mushroom bags, they must be autoclaved prior to use. They are usually made from a polypropylene material that can withstand high temperatures during sterilization, although prolonged direct contact with the base of your autoclave or pressure cooker could damage them. When choosing a mushroom grow bag, it is important to note the micron rating of the filter. The higher the micron rating, the more contaminant it will block, whereas lower micron ratings allow for more gas exchange.

ShroomTek All-In-One Mushroom Grow Bags are ideal for beginner and advanced mushroom cultivators alike. Each bag comes pre-sterilized and ready to go with a layer of sterile grain for mycelium growth, followed by a layer of sterile coco coir. The injection port makes it easy to inoculate the bag with spores or liquid culture using a syringe, and the filter patch provides optimal air exchange while keeping out contaminants. Psilocybin grow bags


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