Peptide Nasal Sprays for Alzheimer’s Disease and Seizures

Nasal administration has received increasing clinical interest for the delivery of therapeutics that are designed to bypass the blood-brain barrier (BBB) to deliver their effects directly at the site of action. For the administration of peptide drugs, nasal sprays provide a simple, easy-to-use, and non-invasive method of delivery. Moreover, nasal drug delivery minimizes the risks associated with oral and parenteral routes of administration.

In a recent study, researchers found that BPC-157 peptide nasal spray is an effective delivery method for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and seizures. The scientists developed an A1R-CT peptide that inhibits neurabin, a protein that prevents neurons from firing excessive electrical signals that can cause seizures. They discovered that their peptide was just as effective in preventing seizures in an Alzheimer’s mouse model when injected directly into the brain, but even more efficient when administered as a nasal spray.

The research team determined that the A1R-CT peptide rapidly penetrates into the brain by diffusing through intracellular clefts and into the subarachnoid space of the cerebrospinal fluid. The peptide is delivered into the brain through pathways that connect the nasal cavity to the olfactory nerve, as well as the vasculature and the cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the central nervous system. The peptides’ molecular weight and lipophilic or ionic properties may influence their speed and ability to cross the BBB.

Unlike a traditional nasal spray, a peptide nasal mist does not require a propellant and instead relies on the natural buoyancy of the liquid for its metering and spray production. The metering mechanism can also be adjusted to deliver a precise dose or multiple sprays per inhalation. In addition to these advantages, peptide nasal sprays can be less expensive than injections or tablets and have improved medication stability.

Peptides are a great tool for muscle recovery and joint pain management, but it’s important to work with your doctor to find the best method of administration for you. Intranasal delivery is the simplest, quickest way to get your peptide into your system.

BP 157 is a powerful anti-ulcer agent that has a variety of other health benefits including promoting gut bacteria growth, helping to maintain gastrointestinal health, and supporting the integrity of your gut lining. This popular research peptide has been shown to have positive effects on a range of health conditions and is available for purchase online from reputable peptide sources. BP 157 is also suitable for a variety of administration methods, from oral capsules to nasal sprays, and it has recently become more popular as a topical formulation. Read on to discover more about this exciting new route of administration for peptides. peptide nasal sprays


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