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Holiday Packages are a collection of different services like flights, accommodation and tours that are bundled together by a travel company to create a single product and sold as a holiday. This is a popular way to book travel as you get great value for money and all the stress of booking the individual parts of your trip is taken care of by the travel company.

When you buy a holiday that’s packaged by a tour operator, travel agency or other trader (this can include online, face to face or by phone), EU rules mean you have a high level of consumer protection before and during your trip. This includes pre-contractual information, the organiser’s liability for the proper performance of the travel services included in your package and insolvency protection.

If you’ve booked a package and your travel arrangements are affected by unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, your organiser must provide suitable alternatives or refund you in full. This applies to ABTA Members, as well as other travel companies.

ABTA Members who offer package holidays are required to have in place an insurance scheme or other form of financial protection. This protects you if the company experiences insolvency while you’re on holiday, meaning that any payments you’ve made to them can be refunded. It also covers you if the travel company can’t fulfil your holiday as a result of events outside its control, such as severe weather or security concerns.

Tuniu is an online platform that allows you to search, compare & book tour packages from various partner travel agents. Users can provide their trip details including budget, interests, travel dates and number of travellers to generate personalized holiday packages.

Evaneos is a travel booking platform that allows users to customize and book personalised holiday trips. They can select destinations and activities based on their preferences and answer questions to generate personalized trip recommendations. They can then make an online payment and finalise their holiday plans. online Holiday Packages


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