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New Stitch Merchandise From Star Traders

Ever since Experiment 626 crash-landed on Earth in 2002, he’s been a fan favorite. It could be his wild mix of chaos and cuteness, or maybe it’s Lilo’s part in taming him, but either way, there’s something about the cute alien that has people coming back for more. So, whether you’re an original fan or just starting out, we’ve got some new Stitch merchandise to keep you giddy!

Among the newest items to hit the shelves at Star Traders, this toothbrush holder depicts our favorite mischievous alien with his floppy ears on top and his big smile. This item is a great addition to any bathroom, but it would also make a lovely gift for any friend who loves Stitch and Lilo!

Also at the shop are some new apparel pieces, including this cool Loungefly mini backpack. The design features our lovable rogue terrorizing a well-constructed sandcastle with a drawbridge that opens and closes, complete with Lilo’s handmade doll Scrump sitting beyond it. The scene is completed by crashing waves, which adds to the overall appeal of this adorable accessory.

Another piece of clothing in the lineup is this men’s polo from BoxLunch, which is adorned with both Stitch and his human buddy Lilo with their handmade doll Scrump on the front. The shirt is crafted with 93% cotton and 5% tencel, which makes it breathable for a round of golf or even just hanging around the house. A contrasting ribbed collar and hidden buttons give the shirt a stylish appearance, while a side pocket with “Experiment 626” lettering adds to the fun. Stitch merchandise


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