How to Turn Off Call Waiting on iPhone

Call waiting is a convenient feature that alerts you when another call arrives while you are on a call. It lets you decide whether to end your current call and answer the new one or ignore it and continue with the previous call.

However, sometimes this useful feature stops working. Here are some simple solutions that can help you resolve the issue:


Call waiting is a convenient phone feature that allows you to receive an incoming call while you are on another call. When this service is enabled, you will hear a beep tone when someone calls you while you are on the phone and will be prompted to either answer the new call, end your current call, or send the incoming call to voicemail. This is a great option for those who often get bombarded with calls and want to be able to manage their time effectively. This feature is available for iPhone users on select carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.

Enabling call waiting on your iPhone is a simple and easy process. All you need to do is open the Settings app and select “Phone”. Once there, navigate to the “Call Waiting” option and toggle it on. After that, you can start using the feature right away.

When you are on a call and a second call comes in, your iPhone will notify you with a beep and a visual prompt on the screen. Then, you can choose to switch over to the second call, hold the first call and connect to the second caller, or merge the two calls into a conference call.

If you decide to hang up and answer the second call, your iPhone will disconnect from the first one and connect you with the second caller. You can also toggle the call waiting feature off and on by opening the settings app and selecting “Phone”. This way, you can turn off the feature if it is becoming a nuisance.

If you are having problems with your call waiting feature, there may be a problem with your carrier. This can happen for several reasons, including a software glitch or an internal issue with your carrier’s network. If this is the case, you should contact your carrier’s customer support and ask for assistance. Alternatively, you can try to resolve the issue by restarting your device. This will reset any recent changes to your call settings and should allow the feature to work as intended.


Modern smartphones come with many useful features including call waiting. This feature is designed to prevent you from missing important calls even when you are on another one. It works by alerting you with discreet tones that another call is trying to reach you while you’re on a current phone call. This way, you can decide whether to keep your current call or take the second one. It also allows you to easily merge the two calls into a conference. You can activate this feature from the Settings menu or through the phone app.

The functionality of this feature can vary from one carrier to the next. However, you can usually find it as a default choice directly in the Settings menu on your iPhone. If it’s not active, you can contact your carrier to help you enable it.

Call waiting on iphone is a convenient and reliable solution for people who get a lot of calls during the day or just don’t want to miss any. It’s easy to set up and use, and it helps you manage calls effectively. It’s especially helpful if you have to talk to your doctor during the day or someone who frequently calls you.

If you have call waiting enabled on your iPhone, when a new call comes in while you’re already on the line, the phone will notify you with two distinct tones. You can then choose to answer the second call and put the first one on hold. If you need to switch back and forth between the two calls, you can do that as well. You can even connect both of them to a conference call using your iPhone’s calling app.

If your phone’s call waiting feature is not working, it may be due to a bug in iOS. In such cases, it’s recommended that you install the latest iOS update to fix the problem. You can do this by opening the Settings app, tapping General and then Software Update. If there are any pending updates, you can download and install them to fix the issue.


The call waiting feature on your iphone is an amazing convenience that allows you to be alerted of another incoming call while you’re already on a call. It can be a great way to stay in touch with family and friends, or manage business calls. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you’re experiencing problems with the feature. First, it’s important to remember that call waiting is a cellular network service, so the issue may not be entirely your fault. Second, it’s also possible that the issue is related to a misconfigured setting on your phone. Fortunately, there are some easy troubleshooting steps that can help you fix the problem.

One of the easiest ways to fix a problem with call waiting is to reset your phone’s settings. This will restore all of the settings to their default state and might fix a bug that has been causing your call waiting feature to not work properly. To reset your phone’s settings, open the Settings app and navigate to General > Reset. You will then need to follow the on-screen instructions to reset your phone’s settings.

Another possibility is to update your iPhone’s software. Apple releases updates on a regular basis to improve device performance, and it’s possible that the latest version of iOS could solve your call waiting problem. To download the latest version of iOS, go to the Settings app and tap “General”. Then, select “Software Update.”

Finally, you can try resetting your network settings on your iphone. This will reset all of your phone’s network preferences and might resolve the problem with your call waiting feature. To reset your network settings, open the Settings app and navigate to Settings > General > Reset. You will then need the follow the on-screen instructions to reset your network settings.

If none of these solutions solves the problem, you might want to contact your carrier directly and ask them for assistance. They should be able to assist you with the issue quickly. They may be able to offer you an alternative solution, such as disabling call waiting or sending your calls to voice mail automatically.


Whether you’re on the phone with an important client or with a close friend, you don’t want to miss out on a call from someone else that might be urgent. That’s why many modern smartphones are equipped with a feature known as call waiting. When enabled, this feature alerts you via discreet tones or a notification that another call is trying to reach you while you’re on the phone. You can then choose to end your current call and accept the incoming call, ignore it, or even merge both calls into a conference.

Fortunately, this useful feature can be turned off with a simple adjustment to your iPhone settings. All you have to do is head to the phone menu in your device’s settings, and from there you can disable call waiting by flipping the switch next to it to the off position. To confirm that the feature is off, check to see if the switch is gray instead of green.

Another way to disable the feature is by tapping on the icon that appears on your iPhone’s screen when you have an incoming call. You’ll find this on the bottom of your screen, near the top of the screen that displays your call log, or in the middle of your display. Depending on your preferences, this option can be very convenient and save you the hassle of accidentally answering a call while you’re on the phone with an important contact or someone you don’t know.

In conclusion, it’s no secret that the iPhone is a very intelligent device capable of doing many tasks at once. This includes displaying the name or number of the person calling you while you’re on another call. It’s also no surprise that this feature can be annoying for some people, especially those who have a busy schedule and need to manage their time effectively. This article has shown how to enable or disable the feature, as well as how to troubleshoot when it stops working.

Using the call waiting feature on an iphone is a great way to avoid missing important calls while you’re already on the phone. This feature is available on most cell phone carriers, and you can easily enable it by going to the settings app and selecting the phone option.


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