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How to Set Up Agency Accounts in Google Ads

Agency Accounts
As the name suggests, an agency account allows a marketing or advertising agency to manage multiple client accounts within Google Ads. It provides enhanced support and efficiency, improved results and greater campaign transparency for clients. Additionally, it allows access to advanced features like task automation and third-party integration, enabling agencies to deliver more value for their clients.

Managing client satisfaction is paramount to an agency’s success and longevity in the industry. A well-nurtured customer is more likely to increase spend and remain loyal, while those who are unsatisfied will sooner or later churn. To achieve a high level of satisfaction, it is important to have clear communication between the client and agency. Whether it is weekly or monthly meetings, email updates, or use of the client portal, it is vital to ensure that both parties are up-to-date with progress.

To set up an agency account, the agency must submit an Agency Account Request form (found in Data Warehouse). General Accounting will then establish these accounts as non-reportable expenditure accounts in the 80xxxx account series. To ensure accuracy of financial reporting, the agency must complete Signature Authorization forms (found in Data Warehouse) to document who has authority to process transactions. In addition, the agency should follow campus policy by notifying BFS when authorized signers change.

Another best practice is implementing profit first, which helps to align the accounting reports with the cash flow and prevents the agency from spending money that is not making them any money. The simplest way to implement this is by dividing your budget into buckets for operating expenses, wages and taxes, and then comparing them to your actual bank balance each month. agency accounts


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