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As the world becomes more digital, businesses need to be able to send large files. Whether it’s sharing design plans with clients, sending video footage to team members or transferring financial data to vendors, the ability to move large amounts of data is crucial. In the past, this was done by burning CDs and mailing them or saving files to thumb drives. As digital technology evolved, however, many people have turned to online tools that make it easier to send large files.

One of the best options for transferring large files is using a file transfer protocol (FTP) solution, which offers centralized control and a variety of security settings to keep data secure in transit and at rest. Alternatively, there are cloud storage providers that offer high-bandwidth uploads and downloads that can be used for large file transfers. While these options can be useful for organizations, they may not be secure enough to protect sensitive or proprietary data, so businesses looking for a robust and secure option should consider a Managed File Transfer (MFT) tool, such as SolarWinds Serv-U MFT or GoAnywhere MFT.

pCloud is another good choice for businesses that need to send large files. It offers 1 TB of free cloud storage and allows users to share access to files via links that can be sent through email, a team messenger app like Slack or any other browser-based service. The links can also be password-protected. pCloud also provides mobile apps and plugins for Chrome and Outlook that allow users to send and receive large files directly from their desktops.

Email is a common way for individuals to share large files, but it has several drawbacks. For example, most email providers impose file size limits and users may have to pay for mobile data charges when accessing emails with attached files from their smartphones. Additionally, it can be difficult for users to transfer large files over a slow Internet connection because upload speeds are often lower than download speeds.

A better option for transferring large files is a web-based MFT tool that supports multiple protocols and has a high-speed download/upload speed. This type of solution can be especially useful for companies that need to move data between different cloud services or that require a secure and easy-to-use platform that supports FTP, HTTPS, Amazon S3, and other popular integrations. Another great feature of a web-based MFT is that it encrypts user credentials and data in transit, making it even more secure than a simple FTP solution.

If your business requires a robust and simple-to-use method of transferring large files, try out an MFT solution that offers a free trial and an affordable plan. For example, ExaVault’s secure MFT solution has a 30 day free trial and its plans start at $5 per month. For more information on how a secure, simple-to-use and fast file transfer system can help your organization, contact us today to request a demo of our software.


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