How to Screenshot BeReal Without Them Knowing

BeReal is a social media app that lets users capture photos of their surroundings and share them on their feed. The app also notifies the post creator if someone has taken a screenshot of their BeReal photo.

But according to Nerds Chalk, there are ways to take a screenshot on BeReal without the person being alerted. Here are some of them:

Take a Picture by Any 2nd Phone

Taking a screenshot of a BeReal post is a common practice that can be accomplished without your friends knowing. This method works by using another phone to capture the BeReal app’s screen. This will prevent BeReal from detecting that you’ve taken a screenshot and will not notify the person whose post you’ve captured. Alternatively, you can also use the camera app on your other phone to take a photo of the BeReal screen. This will also work as a screenshot because BeReal won’t detect that the app is currently open.

Unlike most social media apps, BeReal does not tattle on people who screenshot photos. Instead, BeReal simply shows a small number next to the timestamp of the photo when someone opens it. This will not reveal who took the screenshot, but it will help users keep track of their BeReal activity. BeReal also tracks past screenshots of its own photos in the Memories section of the app.

BeReal will show who has taken a screenshot of your post when you share it with other people on the app. However, you can avoid this by not sharing your BeReal with anyone else other than your followers and friends on the app. In addition, you can also delete your BeReal posts to make it difficult for other people to see them.

To prevent BeReal from noticing when you take a screenshot of a photo, you can turn off your internet data or WiFi while using the app. It is also important to close the BeReal app completely after you’re done browsing through your friend’s posts. If you forget to do this, BeReal will still be running in the background and can detect when you take a screenshot of a post.
Screen Recording

BeReal doesn’t notify users when they take a screenshot of someone’s post. However, the app does detect the screenshots and will show them to the post creator if they open up the image in BeReal. The post creator will also be able to see how many people have taken screenshots of their content. They can also check who took a screenshot of their post by navigating to their profile and tapping on the icon at the top of the screen.

Despite the fact that BeReal does detect screenshots, there are still ways for users to prevent this from happening. The first step is to make sure that your phone’s airplane mode is turned on and mobile data and Wi-Fi are off. You should also turn off your Bluetooth if you are using an Android device. Next, you should delete the BeReal app from your iPhone or iPad. After that, you should clear your app cache and data. Once you have done this, you can restart your device and reconnect it to your Bereal account.

It is important to note that BeReal is unable to detect screenshots when your device is offline. Therefore, if you want to be completely safe, you should always make sure that your phone is connected to the Internet and has mobile data enabled. Furthermore, you should not use your device in airplane mode for long periods of time. If you do, you may experience problems with your BeReal app, including the inability to access your profile and photos.

In addition, BeReal does not allow users to block screenshot notifications on their posts. This means that if you are concerned about people taking screenshots of your Bereal photos, it is best to keep them private and only share them with friends who you trust. Fortunately, there are several ways to avoid being noticed when you take a screenshot of a friend’s Bereal photo. One way is to use the screenshot function on your phone’s native camera. Another option is to use a screen recorder. This will enable you to capture a video of your friend’s Bereal post without them knowing.

Screen Sharing

Bereal has taken the social media world by storm in recent months, becoming many people’s favourite new app. The app is a great way to share photos privately with friends, but it can also be problematic if someone takes screenshots without your permission.

Luckily, there is a way to take screenshots of Bereal posts without the person who created the post knowing that you’ve done so. The trick is to use a screen recorder on your phone to capture the screenshots. This method will work on both Android and iOS devices.

To start, open the Bereal app and navigate to the post that you want to screenshot. Next, select the “share” button, then click on the “screenshot” option. A window will appear with a screenshot of the post, which you can then save to your device. You can also copy the screenshot to your clipboard by tapping on the image and then pressing the paste icon.

When someone takes a screenshot of your BeReal photo, you will see a small number with a circle around it next to the time stamp of the image when you view it on your feed. You can also view who has screenshotted your BeReal by clicking on the post and expanding it. This will show you a list of all the screenshots that have been taken of that specific post.

However, this method will only reveal who has screenshotted your most recent BeReal, or the last one you’ve shared with your friends. It won’t show you a list of who has screenshotted your older BeReals, so be careful not to let too many people know that you have been screenshotting their content!

If you’re worried about people screenshotting your BeReal, you can make it private so that only those you choose to can see your content. If you do this, you’ll still be able to access your old BeReals through Memories on your BeReal profile, but they’ll no longer appear in your regular feed. However, it’s important to note that this will not stop other users from using the app to screenshot your pictures if they haven’t been made private.

Share Via

If you want to save a fellow BeReal user’s posts without them knowing, there are a few ways to do so. One option is to use a screen recorder, which allows you to capture the entire device’s display. Another option is to share your friend’s post via another app or platform, such as WhatsApp or Snapchat. If you do this, BeReal will not detect the screenshot and will not notify your friend.

BeReal is a popular social media application that has gained traction among college campuses. The photo-sharing platform lets users document moments in their daily lives and share them with friends and followers. It also has a feature that lets users view who has screenshotted their photos. However, it’s important to note that screenshotting a BeReal post may violate the app’s terms of service and can lead to a loss of privileges.

When a BeReal photo is screenshotted, a notification icon appears next to the timestamp. The number of screenshots is also displayed on the image’s caption. This is useful for determining who is stalking someone on the platform.

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, which do not notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their posts, BeReal does notify users if they have been screenshotted. The screenshot notifications are similar to those of Twitter and Instagram, but are only available for recent BeReal posts.

Nerds Chalk has pointed out that users can take full-screen screenshots of other BeReal users’ photos by using the screen recording feature on their phone. However, this method is risky because it can cause the person’s device to overheat. Furthermore, if the person’s phone overheats while taking a full-screen screenshot of a BeReal post, they could lose their privileges to use the app.

BeReal does track past BeReals in your Memories, but it is not possible to see who took a screenshot of a previous BeReal photo. Nevertheless, it is possible to trick BeReal into not recognizing a screenshot if you are quick enough. To do this, make sure that you are using a second phone to take the screenshot and that your first phone is locked.


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