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How to Create Custom Socks With Logo

Whether you want to create custom socks for your own business, or simply offer them as promotional giveaways, logo socks can be an excellent marketing tool. They’re an affordable and practical gift that will leave your customers and clients with a lasting impression of your brand.

The best way to customize your socks is with embroidery, which gives a high-quality finish and can be applied to multiple locations on a sock. It’s also one of the most economical options for bulk orders, making it a great choice for companies looking to keep costs low.

Weaving is another popular method of creating custom logo socks. Because of the nature of knitting, woven logos are more durable than printed ones. They can also be used to recreate complex shapes and colors that would not be possible with printing. However, weaving does not allow for the same level of detail as printing, and it’s important to consider this when designing a sock with a logo.

The cuff of a sock is commonly ribbed and stretchy, so it’s not recommended to place a logo there (large and simple logos are an exception). The heel and toe areas are where knitting machines perform extra sequences to form pocket-like shapes in the socks. Because of this, only solid colors can be knitted in these areas. Other parts of a sock can be customized by adding bottom grips in various colors and shapes. This adds a functional element to the sock while keeping the design looking sleek and professional. custom socks with logo


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