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How a Korean Cosmetics Manufacturer Can Help You Bring Your Product to Market

A korean cosmetics manufacturer can help you bring your product to market in Korea. The country is known for its pop culture and beauty. From its burgeoning animation studios to the blockbuster hits of BTS and BlackPink, South Korea is a cultural powerhouse that continues to grow internationally. And as an exporter, it’s a great place to find success with your cosmetic line.

The Korean cosmetics industry is regulated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Cosmetics are divided into two sections: functional cosmetics and regular cosmetics. Functional cosmetics include whitening, anti-wrinkle, sunscreen and tanning products, and hair colorants and nutrients. The MFDS reviews these products for pre-market approval. Regular cosmetics include skincare, makeup, and perfumes.

Cosmetic manufacturers in Korea use a wide variety of materials for their products. The most common ingredients include: hyaluronic acid, collagen, natural/organic, ceramide, and probiotics. Microbiome cosmetics that boost skin immunity are also becoming popular.

Celebrity endorsements are one of the best ways to sell products in Korea. Koreans love to purchase products that their favorite K-pop idols or Korean actresses endorse. In fact, they tend to spend more money on a celebrity-endorsed product than other products in the same category.

The multi-brand store channel has grown in Korea with several cosmetic companies utilizing it as their primary tool for growth. Some of the top growing brands in this channel include Carver Korea, Have & Be, and L & P Cosmetic. The founders of COSMAX and Kolmar Korea used to work at the same company, Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co, as executives before founding their own company. korean cosmetics manufacturer


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