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Handmade Tiles – A Unique Way to Add Artistic Flair to Your Home

Tile has long been a popular choice for modern renovation projects, offering durable, versatile surfaces that can be incorporated into a variety of design styles. The addition of Hand made tiles provides a unique option for those looking to add a more organic aesthetic, with natural color and size variation adding interest and intrigue to a bathroom or kitchen.

The popularity of artisanal tile has grown in recent years, as consumers have been searching for ways to add personal and creative flair to their home. The art of tiling allows for limitless possibilities when it comes to creating eye-catching installations, and the inherent qualities of handmade tiles provide an opportunity to embrace imperfection in a truly artistic way.

Whether you prefer a minimalist design, rustic charm or eclectic bohemian style, there is an ideal hand-made look for every aesthetic. Artisans create a wide range of looks that are suited for various spaces, from patterned floor mosaics to sleek porcelain tiles. These designs can be arranged into a cohesive, yet unique installation that makes your space stand out from the rest.

Handmade tiles typically offer the same benefits of mass-produced tile options, including durability and low-maintenance, but they also come with an added bonus: they are a more eco-friendly option. They are crafted using natural materials and traditional techniques that prioritize quality over quantity. The result is a more environmentally sustainable product that will not only add an authentic and individualized element to your space, but also help to connect you with your cultural heritage and history.

Aside from their environmental appeal, handmade tiles are often thicker than mass-produced options, making them more durable and resistant to damage and wear. This extra thickness also means that it takes significantly more force to break a handmade tile than an identically sized factory-made tile.

While the durability of handmade tile is an important consideration for any space, many homeowners choose to utilize them in high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, because they provide a more visually appealing contrast to the smooth surfaces found in other rooms. These unique tiles are perfect for incorporating into a showstopping backsplash or floor pattern that is sure to impress visitors and guests alike.

The sculptural forms of handmade tiles are not limited to walls, and can be used in a wide variety of outdoor living spaces. From pool decks and patios, to garden walls and water features, handmade tiles can bring a fresh, artistic feel to any outdoor design scheme.

The dimensional variations of Handmade tiles make them a perfect choice for a modern bespoke tiling project. The Royce Wood Studio team works closely with clients to create a completely personalised ceramic wall art installation, and the subtle nuances in glaze and size mean that no two installations are ever exactly the same. The end result is a one of a kind, eye-catching finish that reflects the true creativity of the artisan who created it.


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