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Grip socks, also known as trampoline socks, are a required item for guests jumping on certain attractions at many trampoline parks. These socks are designed with grippers on the bottom to prevent slippage and come in a variety of colors and sizes. They also help to keep shoes clean and dry during jumping. These socks are made of soft and stretchy materials for comfortable wear. They’re great for both adults and children, making them an excellent option for exercise on a trampoline or other bouncy surfaces.

Trampoline socks are designed with rubber or silicone grips on the soles, which provide additional traction on trampoline surfaces, helping to prevent accidents and ensuring a safe jump. These socks are typically required to be worn by jumpers at trampoline parks and can be purchased on site. They’re also a requirement for use at some indoor rock climbing facilities.

The soft polyester used in the manufacture of trampoline socks is engineered to be softer than standard cotton and provides elasticity for a snug fit. This fabric also dries quickly and helps to reduce unpleasant odors. In addition, it’s hypoallergenic and less likely to provoke skin irritation or allergic reactions. When paired with spandex, soft polyester offers elasticity and durability for long-term wear.

Grip socks are not the first thing that comes to mind when discussing inflatable parks, family entertainment centers and trampoline parks, but they’re a crucial safety and revenue element for these attractions. They help to prevent guests from slipping on attraction sheets and can be easily distinguished by staff members when they’re not wearing them. The socks also help to avoid the buildup of silicone on slide sheets, which can be a safety hazard for guests. trampoline park socks


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