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Artificial intelligence is a fascinating topic, and it’s rapidly becoming an essential tool for the modern world. AI is now embedded in our face-recognizing cameras, voice-recognition software, Internet search engines, health-care robots, and more. Fortunately, it’s also accessible to anyone who wants to learn about it. These free AI books will introduce you to the fundamentals of AI, and help you make sense of what’s happening right now with this ever-expanding technology.

This book provides a clear, straightforward interpretation of the mathematics behind reinforcement learning, one of AI’s most active research areas. You’ll discover how to apply the mathematical ideas behind this field, including Monte Carlo methods, recurrent and recursive networks, and autoencoders. The authors explain how these methods can be applied to solve problems like finding promising paths for your ML projects, detecting idangosting errors, and more.

A textbook aimed at junior to senior undergraduate students and first-year graduate students, this book presents AI using a coherent framework to study the design of intelligent computational agents. It offers a balance of theory and experiment linked together, so you can learn the basic approaches without losing sight of how they fit into the larger picture. This updated edition features expanded coverage of machine learning material as well as a new chapter on social and ethical consequences of AI.

With its many diagrams and easy-to-understand descriptions, this book helps you understand the way AI programs work. You’ll see how to use a variety of AI tools, from statistical Natural Language Processing to local search planning algorithms, and you’ll gain an overview of the most recent advances in the area.

You’ll learn how to develop and run your own computer programs that perform tasks that are usually done by humans, such as playing games or recognizing speech. You’ll discover the fundamentals of a wide range of AI technologies, including genetic algorithms, neural networks, expert systems, and machine learning. You’ll even find out how to implement some of these techniques in real-world applications.

The author’s goal is to show the reader how to apply the power of AI to solve complex business problems. He draws on his own experience of working with AI systems to write a guide that is easy to read and understand, and makes the process of developing an AI system straightforward. The author takes a practical approach that can be applied by anyone, regardless of their level of expertise.

These eBooks are a great middle ground between frivolous social media posts and dense research papers. They won’t take up all of your time, but will bring value to your life. If you want to learn about AI, these are the best free books to start with. You can download them to your Kindle or other e-reader using the links below. They’re available on a limited-time offer, so act quickly! If you’re a ParallelDots customer, you can also access these titles on our website for free. If you’re not a customer, sign up now to get started!


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