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Protect your spare tire from dust, dirt and flying trail debris with this heavy cover. Durable marine-grade thread and tough vinyl fabric set this cover apart from the rest. Mastertop’s own high-quality, corrosion-free, coated cable combined with a lock keep your spare tire secure.

Ford’s new 2021 Bronco picks up right where the original left off with a body-on-frame SUV that rivals the Jeep Wrangler. Its two-door and four-door versions offer off-road capabilities in an iconic package.

Custom Fit

Keeping your spare tire covered is one of the best ways to keep it protected from dust, dirt, flying trail debris and inclement weather. A Ford Bronco hard tire cover is a smart choice to help keep your spare tire safe from these problems while still being easily accessible if you ever need it.

Our tire covers are made in Orlando, Florida and sewn with professional upholstery welt on all exposed edges. This adds a finished, professional look and it strengthens the cover to prevent damage from the sun and elements. Marine grade thread is used, which holds up well in harsh conditions.

Four Wheel Covers offers a security kit that includes a set of security grommets and a top quality coated cable combined with a Master lock to protect your Jeep and its new custom tire cover from theft. We also offer an interactive design studio that allows you to see what your cover will look like before ordering. This makes it easy to choose the design that is perfect for your vehicle and tires.

Bead-Welt Seam

The Bead-Welt Seam is a unique feature that sets our Ford Bronco spare tire covers apart from other aftermarket products. It strengthens the cover for better looks and durability.

The welt is stitched around two cords with a bias strip and a double-thread to ensure strength. This process is done by hand to make the best cover. It is a time-consuming process, but the results are worth it. The bead-welt seam is a great way to add more style to the cover, as it eliminates creases in the fabric and prevents unraveling.

Another great feature of the Bead-Welt Seams is that they are fully water proof. This means that your spare tire cover will not absorb water from rain or snow. This keeps your tire safe from damage and will give you peace of mind when traveling on the trail or out in the backcountry.

A quality Master Lock is included with the Bead-Welt Spare Tire Cover for extra protection. This feature will keep your spare tire cover away from thieves and is backed by a three-year warranty.

This 2021 Ford Bronco tire cover has a custom fit for the spare tire that is installed in your vehicle’s rear cargo area. It features a color-matched molded ABS face with a black texture powder-coated stainless steel ring. The stage 2 Bronco cover gives your vehicle an upscale distinctive look and is made in Colorado with the highest quality American-sourced materials.

Master Lock

The Ford Bronco is a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts. As such, it’s important to make sure your vehicle is equipped with everything you need to take on your next adventure. That includes a reliable spare tire cover to protect your tire from damage and to prevent it from being stolen. Four Wheel Covers offers a security kit that includes security grommets and a high quality Master lock to prevent your spare tire cover from being stolen. The kit also helps to ensure your backup camera is locked in place and stays secure while you’re on the go.

Stylish and sturdy, our hard shell tire covers are custom made to fit your spare tire size. They feature a solid black finish with no graphics or distractions for a clean look that’s built to last. These covers are the perfect addition to any off-road rig and offer peace of mind while you’re exploring the backcountry.

These tire covers are the top of the line when it comes to ruggedness and durability. They’re Made in the USA and include a molded thermoplastic face that is sewn to a locking stainless steel ring that covers your spare tire tread. The molded thermoplastic face is impact and weather resistant, and the stainless steel ring can be purchased in either a polished, black powder coated or painted-to-match finish.

Interactive Design Studio

Our online design studio allows you to choose from over a hundred different Ford Bronco spare tire cover designs. Once you’ve picked a tire cover design, click the “Customize” button to make it your own. You can upload your own artwork, text or photos and change the color of any of our designs to get the look you want. After you’re done with your design, we’ll give you a quote and send you an email to approve it before starting production on your new Ford Bronco tire cover.

Another interesting feature of the Ford Bronco spare tire cover is its hinged outer part, which swings down to allow you to lower the tire off the back of your vehicle. This hinged piece also doubles as a ramp, which is useful when you’re trying to maneuver the tire off of the wheel.

The Ford Bronco hard tire cover also includes a security kit that consists of security grommets and a Master Lock to prevent theft of your spare tire and your custom Jeep JL tire covers. It’s a great way to keep your off-road truck or SUV safe from thieves and vandals while you’re off the road.


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