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Fitness Supplies For Your Home Gym

Whether you’re on a fitness kick or trying to cut costs by ditching your gym membership, having the right equipment at home is essential for staying on track with your workouts. But finding the fit kit essentials that are worth the investment — and won’t end up on the floor of your garage or under the bed — isn’t always easy. For example, a yoga mat that’s too slippery or resistance bands that are too weak can quickly become excuses to skip a workout. However, if you know what to look for, it’s much easier to find the gear that will help you stay motivated.

Fortunately, fitness equipment manufacturers are increasingly catering to people who want to do their workouts at home. This includes both high-quality, full-fledged multipurpose machines that can help you achieve a complete workout in one room or a more portable version of the same gym equipment that you’d normally find at a commercial facility. The portable versions can be moved around your house, and some even fold flat for storage.

There are also specific pieces of equipment designed to address the needs of particular exercise groups, including strength and weight training, aerobics and flexibility. For example, the cardio category has an array of options from basic ellipticals and stationary bikes to stair machines and rowers. Meanwhile, the strength and conditioning equipment is packed with tools like benches and dip stands as well as weighted barbells and dumbbells that allow you to target specific muscles and work out your entire body.

The yoga and Pilates equipment is geared towards developing balance, flexibility and core strength with low impact exercises that are great for seniors or those with joint problems. For example, the Corkspace pro cork yoga mat and Gymshark medium glute band offer a range of benefits that are easy to use, affordable and can be stored easily. Likewise, the neoprene dumbbells from Amazon Basics are an excellent budget option for anyone looking to start their home gym with inexpensive, durable dumbbells that won’t damage floors.

Another important piece of equipment is the plyometric box, which is used for jump training and combines a box with a platform for jumping up and down to create intense bursts of energy. This is a popular addition to the workouts of CrossFitters and other athletes looking to improve their agility.

For people with a large garage or basement to dedicate to their fitness, there are more expansive choices such as the PRx Couple’s Elite Home Gym that comes with everything you need to do any WOD including his and hers Olympic bars with 260 pounds of rubber plates, a barbell rack, a bench, a dip stand and medicine balls. Alternatively, you can buy individual components like the Ohio Bar, Rogue Fitness plate stacks and various dip and pushup benches to build your own home gym as desired. fitness supplies


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