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Most men settle on one style of underwear and stick with it for all occasions. But with so many different styles out there, it’s worth experimenting to find the perfect fit.

Men’s boxershorts are a great choice for taller men – usually in sizes up to 4XL – as they offer plenty of fabric to cover your spare legs. This can prevent chafing and make you look more muscular as opposed to having matchstick legs.

Boxer briefs are another good choice for larger guys as they’re snug enough to provide support but don’t leave your cocks hanging out like a low-hanging branch of wild berries. They also help to avoid chafing and skin irritation.

The downside to boxer briefs is they can be tight on the crotch so it’s important to wear a pair of looser trousers or shorts with them to stop them riding up. They’re also a little less stretchy than briefs so don’t be afraid to size up if you have more substantial thighs.

Trunks are the newest style on this list and they’re a good compromise between boxer briefs and briefs. They sit around the mid to upper-thigh and are sometimes made with a flat front to ensure they’re not too bulky under your clothes. They’re also better suited to slimmer of thighs as they won’t highlight any bulges in the area. For a smart look, opt for a pair in cotton that’s striped or patterned and features a tailored waistband. men’s bamboo boxershorts


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