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Keeping your home clean is vital for good health. However, sometimes more than regular cleaning is needed to remove built-up dirt, grime and germs from surfaces and areas that are difficult to maintain. Deep house cleaning services can help. Typically, these involve more work and time than standard cleaning services, so they tend to cost more. Several factors determine how much deep cleaning costs, including the size of the home and the level of stains that need to be removed. Most cleaning companies assess deep cleaning costs per cleaner, so you will likely end up paying more if you have a team of cleaners working in your home.

What Is a Deep House Cleaning Service?

Most people hire a professional house cleaning service to handle the heavy-duty cleaning that can’t be done on your own. Deep cleaning goes a few steps further than standard cleaning, and it usually involves a team of professional cleaners working in your home for longer. During deep cleaning, professional cleaners will scrub and clean surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens that are often overlooked during a basic or weekly cleaning service. They will sanitize bathtubs, showers and toilets and clean the sink area thoroughly. They will also clean the inside of appliances, such as your oven or refrigerator, and wipe down cabinets and baseboards. Many cleaning services also offer add-ons for deep cleaning, such as carpet cleaning or scrubbing of whole wall surfaces.

It’s best to schedule a deep cleaning when you want your home to look its best, such as before hosting a party or as part of your spring cleaning. You can also have a deep cleaning performed after you move into a new home to get rid of any dirt and grime left behind by the previous owners. Many cleaning services also recommend deep cleaning as a minimum between tenants in rental properties.

While you can try to keep up with a daily or weekly routine of dusting, wiping surfaces and vacuuming floors, it’s not always easy. Most people don’t have enough time to get everything they need to do in a day, so cleaning their homes often falls to the bottom of their to-do lists. Deep cleaning services help you keep your house in better shape by dealing with the areas that are often missed in regular cleanings, including dirt and grime that builds up over time.

A deep cleaning will likely take more than an hour to complete in most rooms, and some may take even longer. This is because the amount of dirt and stains that need to be dealt with will influence how long the cleaning takes. Some stains are more stubborn than others, and they require multiple attempts with different cleaning products to be completely removed. For example, mold stains require a bit more effort to deal with than food or drink stains. deep house cleaning services


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